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Massachusetts Anesthesia Malpractice

For a Massachusetts patient who is undergoing a physically traumatic experience, anesthesia is the perfect remedy. Anesthesia has been used for many years to take away the sensation and overall feeling of pain. Massachusetts physicians use this painkiller to allow their Massachusetts patients to undergo surgeries and other medical procedures without a great deal of pain. The term anesthesia, which is often heard around Massachusetts medical facilities, is defined as reversing the lack of awareness. Anesthesia does this by blocking nerves. General anesthesia is commonly used to put patients into a semi-conscious state, to prevent memory formation and to relax the body during a medical procedure. Unfortunately, more instances of Massachusetts anesthesia malpractice are arising in Massachusetts due to the improper administering of the medication. This Massachusetts medical mistake has led to cases of cerebral palsy, stroke and even Massachusetts wrongful death.

Many Massachusetts anesthesia medical malpractice cases have occurred due to the fact that Massachusetts hospitals and Massachusetts outpatient clinics are not diligent enough in keeping anesthesia notes in a patient's chart. Every Massachusetts hospital is required to keep a chart on each patient, which includes a pre-anesthesia exam, an informed consent form, an operative record, transfer and physician notes, and a post-anesthesia record. This information is essential because such a chart informs all attending Massachusetts medical professionals of any potential issues throughout the patient’s hospital stay. In addition, the chart could potentially reveal in a Massachusetts medical malpractice claim what mistake was made or if any alterations to the patient’s surgery were undertaken.

Many people think that Massachusetts anesthesia medical malpractice only takes place in the operating room. This is not always the case. Massachusetts anesthesia malpractice has been known to occur while the Massachusetts patient is being prepared for surgery, after surgery and even while patients are in the recovery room. A Massachusetts anesthesia mistake can also take place during childbirth and during even the simplest of Massachusetts dental procedures.

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