Young Doctor’s Parents Sue Hospital That Failed To Detect Fatal Blood Clot.

The parents of Dr. Jennifer Sidari are suing Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, claiming that their daughter died as a result of the hospital’s negligence and inability to properly diagnose a treatable blood clot condition.

The 26-year-old doctor first visited the hospital in May complaining of a 10-day spell with headaches. A team of doctors provided her with pain medications after conducting various tests. For the first 40 hours Dr. Sidari was at the hospital, doctors neglected to perform a head imaging study or consultation with a neurologist.

By the time this procedure was performed, it was too late. Dr. Sidari’s blood clot was too far gone to be treated. She died from a massive cerebral hemorrhaging, a stroke and irreversible brain damage.

The deceased doctor’s parents are suing the hospital claiming her blood clot was easily diagnosable and treatable with even the most basic and fundamental principles of medicine. The suit seeks to recover damages for Dr. Sidari’s future earnings and other damages.

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