Wrongful Death Lawsuit Filed Against Mesa Verde Post Acute Care Center.

Unfortunately, there is no concrete evidence as to the exact number of nursing home residents or patients in other facilities who are subject to elder abuse and neglect. For every reported case of abuse and neglect, however, there is strong evidence to indicate that at least five more cases go unreported.  Our elder loved ones who are entrusted to the care of senior nursing home facilities are some of society’s individuals who are most susceptible to abuse and neglect.  Moreover, all too often, our elder family members cannot protect themselves from abuse.  In such a scenario, the service of an expert Massachusetts nursing home abuse lawyer is likely necessary.

In mid-June 2015, Sebastian Lopez was admitted to the Mesa Verde Post Acute Care Center in Costa Mesa, California.  When Lopez arrived, he was suffering from diabetes, pneumonia, congenital heart failure and hypertension.  On July 5, 2015, Lopez’s daughter went to visit her father and learned that he had fallen a few days prior.  She also allegedly observed that his bed was so low that it almost fell to the floor when she went to sit down on it.  The day after Lopez fell, he died, despite extensive resuscitation attempts.

According to the LA Times, the Lopez family has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the Mesa Verde Post Acute Care Center alleging elder abuse, negligence and neglectful hiring and supervision.  The lawsuit alleges that Lopez told his wife that a nurse “got mad at him, told him that he could not get up on his own without help and threw him back into the bed, without performing any assessments, and without notifying the family, responsible party or physician.” Furthermore, the lawsuit alleges that the staff did not document that incident on Lopez’s medical chart.  The lawsuit also alleges that, as a result of the fall and subsequent lack of proper medical care, Lopez ultimately passed away.

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