Woman Dies After Admitted Medical Error During Treatment For Shoulder Injury.

76 year-old Geraldine Oswald thought that she would be in and out of the hospital. She was admitted for treatment of an infection that had developed after an injury to her shoulder. When hospital staff at the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) in Boston, Massachusetts gave her too much blood thinning medication, however, Oswald suffered extensive internal bleeding and died shortly thereafter .

The Massachusetts resident was making plans to return home for a holiday dinner, when she was given a fatal overdose of a blood thinner at MGH. The hospital administration has acknowledged the fatal medical mistake, and has admitted that it was easily preventable. These admissions are not adequate, however, to quell the anguish that Oswald’s family is currently experiencing.

The 76 year-old woman was in excellent health just before her wrongful death. She was at the hospital being treated for a common infection, expecting to return home within a few days. That all changed when a nurse gave her a dose of a blood thinner, Lepirudin, that was reportedly 30 times over the recommended dosage for the medication.

The report from the hospital says that a nurse miscalculated the intravenous dose of the drug, and that the doctors failed to provide the necessary oversight. These acts of negligence caused the unnecessary death of an otherwise healthy 76 year-old woman. For an entire day, the woman lay in her bed, suffering from the effects of the overdose. She was bruising and bleeding by the time hospital personnel realized what had happened.

Hospital officials have extended condolences to the family, adding that the woman died as a result of a preventable medical error. Oswald’s family is suing MGH for medical malpractice.

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