University of Kansas Hospital Doctors Save Newborn’s Life With Superglue.

Neurosurgeons at the University of Kansas were able to save a newborn’s life with the help of some quick, novel and out-of-the-box thinking and surgical superglue.

The newborn was showing troubling signs to her parents shortly after coming home. The baby slept a lot, and had difficulty waking up and feeding. One day the baby began to scream and vomit, prompting her parents to rush her to an emergency room. Unable to diagnose the child, the emergency room physicians ordered an ambulance to transport the baby to the neurosurgeon specialists at the University of Kansas Hospital.

Dr. Koji Ebersole took charge of treating the child, and discovered that the baby had an aneurysm in her brain that was beginning to bleed, an exceedingly rare case without a standard treatment procedure. Dr. Ebersole stated that the hospital did not even have the necessary tools to open the baby’s skull and close the aneurysm. This would also be a dangerous procedure, as the child could bleed to death. Instead, the doctors inserted a micro-catheter through the child’s neck and pumped superglue through the catheter to close the aneurysm.

The baby responded to the treatment almost immediately. The next day, the child was taken off respiratory support. Dr. Ebersole stated that the child’s response to the treatment was above all expectations.

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