Springfield, Ohio Jury Awards Brain-Damaged Woman $8.3 Million in Damages in Medical Malpractice Case.

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In the medical profession, there is a heightened scrutiny of the conduct of health care professionals because of the nature of their work.  Doctors, surgeons and nurses are responsible for the well-being of their patients, regardless of what treatment or procedures are performed.  While it is true that not every medical malady has a solution, advances in medical science have allowed doctors and nurses to help in most circumstances and administer top level care.  Unfortunately, not every medical professional meets the expectations of reasonable and compassionate care.  Some doctors and surgeons make mistakes that can cause serious injuries and occasionally the death of a patient.

In September of 2010, Ms. Shoshoni Portis was undergoing brain surgery at the Springfield Regional Medical Center in Springfield, Ohio.  The 31-year-old was being treated by Dr. M. Husain Jawadi.  After the surgery, Ms. Portis’s brain condition worsened.  After seeking an evaluation elsewhere, it was discovered that Ms. Portis had suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Shortly thereafter, the Portis family filed a lawsuit against Dr. Jawadi and the Springfield Regional Medical Center.  In the lawsuit, Ms. Portis claimed that her blood sugar levels had dropped to a very dangerous level during the surgery, but that Dr. Jawadi had done nothing to remedy the situation.  According to her attorney, Steve O’Keefe, medical officials failed to properly monitor and manage her blood sugars and Portis suffered permanent brain and physical injuries as a result.

After an 8 day jury trial, Ms. Portis was awarded $8.3 million in medical malpractice damages.  Dr. Jawadi and his attorney could not be reached for comment after losing the case.

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