Recent California Studies Prove Elderly Patients’ Traumatic Injuries Underestimated By Specialists.

According to recent studies conducted at Stanford University in California, elderly patients’ traumatic injuries are typically underestimated and under-treated by health care providers due to what many critics presume is a biased opinion against the elderly.

An article in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons, written by specialists at Stanford University, California, shows how research proves that elderly persons’ traumatic injuries are typically underestimated. Thus, they are subsequently under-treated.  A large number of these injuries are due to elderly people falling.  These falls typically result in very traumatic injuries; and yet, these patients are not often sent to the trauma centers that are meant for injuries such as theirs.

Instead of being sent to trauma centers, elderly people are typically sent to non-trauma centers.  Researchers believe that there is a bias against the elderly by many who are working in these non-trauma centers, and therefore their injuries are often not treated in the way they should.  Research centers show that people in these non-trauma centers are not given surgeries as often as those placed in trauma-centers, and they typically have much fewer interventions at these centers than trauma centers.

Researchers also believe that trauma centers are more expensive. It is thus cheaper to send elderly people to these non-trauma centers to avoid medical expenses.

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