Pro Wrestler Dies from Florida Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect.

George Dahmer, known for his 30-year career as World Wrestling Entertainment wrestler Chief White Owl, suffered a painful wrongful death in February 2008 due to overt nursing home abuse.

When Dahmer was 72, he became a patient at the Lake Worth Manor nursing home, now known as Oasis Health, for dementia. Dahmer was a patient for only two months before he died.

Within the two month period, Dahmer had lost 30 pounds, could not talk or walk, and had ulcer sores through to the bone on both his tailbone and his feet.

By the time his wife took him to the hospital, Dahmer’s doctors decided that they had to amputate his feet. Dahmer was so weak he could not even accept a feeding tube. He died just before the procedure.

Reports found that the nursing home was severely understaffed, which engendered disgruntled, overworked caretakers. The nurses neglected Dahmer by failing to regulate his medication, leaving him significantly over-medicated and immobile. This allowed his ulcers to suppurate.

Following his death, Dahmer’s family sued the nursing home and received $2 million in damages. They are petitioning to create stricter nursing home laws and harsher punishments for substandard treatment. They plan to call it “Chief White Owl’s Law.”

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