Primary Care Physicians More Likely to Misdiagnose Cardiac Disease In Women.

A recent study has shown that misdiagnosis of cardiac disease in women is more likely with primary care physicians, as they are sued for medical malpractice more frequently than physicians who practice in other fields for failing to diagnose such conditions.

The study was conducted by California based medical malpractice insurance carrier The Doctors Company.  It examined 41 medical malpractice lawsuits between 2007-2013 that related to injuries or deaths caused by cardiac disease in females and revealed that primary care physicians were sued at a much higher rate than physicians practicing in specialty fields for malpractice.
The study found that “[p]rimary care doctors were defendants in 50 percent of all lawsuits, [c]ardiologists were defendants in 22 percent of all lawsuits, [e]mergency medicine doctors were defendants in 17 percent of lawsuits, [and] [o]rthopedists were defendants in 6 percent of lawsuits” and concluded that “over 80 percent of cases involving cardiac disease in women were the result of misdiagnosis or “inadequate patient assessment.”  Among the leading causes of misdiagnosis of medical conditions are doctor patient ratio, reduced patient contact, inexperience, and mitigation.

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