Poor Care and Delays Cause Multiple Doctors To Fail To Diagnose Woman’s Pancreatic Cancer.

Julia Rogers, an English woman from Devon, London, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in mid 2014. While saddened by the news, Rogers was outraged when it was discovered that she showed symptoms of her cancer for potentially as long as one year before she received a proper diagnosis. The National Health Service of England (NHS) launched an investigation after Rogers’ case was brought to their attention.

The report revealed that between 2013 and 2014, Rogers made 20 visits to hospital and general practitioners complaining of back and stomach pain. Despite seeing eight different doctors at the Kingskerswell Health Centre, and several more at the Torby Hospital, none of the treating health care officials acted appropriately to address her unexplained weight loss nor was proper screening for the possibility of cancer considered. Officials were particularly off put by a scan that did not show Rogers’ pancreas, but nevertheless deemed it “normal”, which gave her a false sense of security.

One of the directors of NHS, Dr. Lockerbie, told bbc.com “all the organizations involved recognize the need to think deeply about cases like this, where different actions or tighter systems might have led to the earlier diagnosis of such a serious condition.” The report suggested that doctors were not communicating with each other and not targeting the pancreas during ultrasounds. This allegedly resulted in a nearly one-year-long delay in Rogers’ diagnosis.

Rogers has since undergone chemotherapy and is trying to treat her cancer, but pancreatic cancer traditionally has a low survival rate, which is why early detection is so important.

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