Plaintiff Receives $1.75 Million in Compensation for Misdiagnosis in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit.

The plaintiff in a medical mistake lawsuit settled for $1.75 million in compensation for a doctor’s negligence in misdiagnosing a patient’s enlarged thyroid as a benign goiter on several occasions between 2002 and 2005. 

During this time, the patient’s thyroid continued to grow, beginning to compress his throat.  The man was forced to see a specialist, who diagnosed the man with advanced-stage carcinoma. The specialist conducted a total thyroidectomy.  Despite this procedure, the man died as a result of his illness.

Upon investigation, the plaintiff discovered that the original doctor lost a significant portion of the patient’s medical records.  The plaintiff claimed that the doctor’s negligence in misdiagnosing the thyroid cancer had decreased the patient’s chance of survival and that the doctor had intentionally or negligently misplaced the medical records.

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