Parents of Deceased Son Sue Hospital Where Son Received Treatment for Medical Malpractice After Skateboard Accident.

The parents of 13 year-old Drew Hughes, who died after a skateboarding accident, are suing the Carteret General Hospital in North Carolina for medical malpractice on the basis that the hospital’s negligent treatment caused Drew’s wrongful death.

Drew Hughes, a middle-school student in North Carolina, died on June 28 after alleged medical mistakes on the part of the ambulance workers caused a delay in Hughes receiving proper medical treatment.  Hughes’s parents are bringing suit claiming that employees of the Carteret General Hospital acted recklessly and negligently when tending to Hughes’s injuries.  The employees’ negligent behavior allegedly resulted in Drew Hughes’s wrongful death.

On June 28, 2013, Drew Hughes was injured in a skateboarding accident. Hughes’s parents immediately brought him to the emergency room at the Carteret General Hospital.  Drew was then transferred from the Carteret General Hospital to the CarolinaEast Hospital.  The ambulance workers put a tube down Drew’s throat in the ambulance. After Drew pulled the tube out, the workers reinserted the tube.  The tube entered Drew’s esophagus, however, rather than his trachea.  Drew was subsequently given sedatives. Because the tube had been reinserted improperly, Drew lost his ability to breathe while he was sedated.

The doctor who tended to Drew when he arrived at the CarolinaEast Hospital realized that the tube had been improperly inserted.  The doctor attempted to revive Drew, but he was brain dead, and was eventually taken off of life support.

Hughes’s parents are seeking unspecified wrongful death damages in their lawsuit.

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