New Yorkers Illegally Selling Painkillers On Craigslist.

Last Thursday, Bridget Brennan, a special narcotics prosecutor for New York City, announced 21 arrests of New Yorkers on criminal charges relating to the sale and distribution of controlled substances. Most of those arrested sold the prescription medications through advertisements on Craigslist.

The arrests came as a result of undercover operations around New York City. Brennan has indicated that the recent arrests account for only a few of the total number of arrests that are expected to be made within the next few weeks.

The drugs involved are not typical street drugs like cocaine and heroin. Rather, the drugs include prescription medications, like Percocet, Roxycodone and Adderall.

Even more disturbing are the profiles of the “dealers.” Among those arrested are a bank employee, a financial adviser, a New York University graduate student and a freelance photographer.

The sellers obtained the medications through their own prescriptions and from raiding the medicine cabinets of relatives, friends and co-workers.

Brennan has expressed deep concern about the threat to public health represented by the growing illegal sales of prescription pain medications. Individuals who buy the medications are at a significant risk of overdosing and causing themselves personal injury.

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