New York Surgeon Fired After Removing Wrong Kidney

A surgeon at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City has been fired after it was discovered that he removed the wrong kidney from a 76 year-old patient on dialysis.

Mount Sinai reports that despite the massive error during the surgery, the elderly patient is doing well. The mistakenly removed kidney has been replaced, and another surgeon from the hospital has removed the originally scheduled kidney.

Despite the surgeon’s mistake, the elderly patient expressed a showing of support and solidarity for the doctor, stating he still has enormous faith in the doctor. This is apparently because he helped the patient overcome bladder cancer.

Mount Sinai has refused to state the date of the unfortunate medical malpractice error, or the name of the surgeon who made the medical mistake, citing hospital policy.

This incident is not the first case of a surgeon removing the wrong kidney.  In 2008, a Minnesota-based surgeon removed the wrong kidney from a patient after reportedly becoming distracted by other patients and his beeper.

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