Massachusetts Patient With Cirrhosis and Hep-C Never Tested For Liver Cancer. Med Mal Case Settles for $625K.

The family of a 69 year-old Massachusetts man recently received a $625,000 settlement in a medical malpractice lawsuit against the man’s primary care physician (“PCP”). The family sued the doctor on the wrongful death claim that the doctor negligently failed to test the man for liver cancer, even though the patient presented with cirrhosis and hepatitis C. The man eventually died of the deadly disease.

The 69 year-old man was a long-term patient of the PCP. Beginning in 1990, the patient consistently visited the doctor at his satellite office outside of Boston, MA.

The man, who had a history of alcohol consumption and elevated liver enzymes, developed cirrhosis of the liver. A liver biopsy was recommended by a referring gastroenterologist, which the man’s PCP claimed the man refused, despite no notation of the supposed refusal in the medical records.

In 2001, 11 years later, the man presented to the hospital with a GI bleed and was diagnosed with hepatitis C.  The diagnosing physician called the man’s PCP, who replied that the man had previously had a full workup of his liver, which was not the case.

According to the family’s legal team, the man’s age and subsequent conditions would have suggested that he needed to be screened for liver cancer, which is a high risk disease in patients presenting with similar symptoms. Despite the warning signs, the man’s PCP failed to test the patient for liver cancer.

Not until 2005 was the man diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. He died four months later.

The medical malpractice lawsuit against the PCP settled for $625,000, one month before trial had been scheduled to proceed.

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