Hospital In Cheyenne, Wyoming Fails To Treat Boy, Named As Defendant In Negligence Lawsuit.

Wait times at hospitals and doctors’ offices can be long and boring. A resulting problem is that sometimes it is difficult to tell how immediately you need to be attended to. Injuries like broken bones are obvious, but viral diseases and the like sometimes do not reveal the severest symptoms until it is too late for proper treatment. 

This was the case recently at a hospital in Cheyenne, Wyoming. A 15 month-old boy was taken to the hospital in September 2016 with a cough. He was never screened by any nurse or doctor, and when his parents were told that no one would be able to see him for at least eight hours, the family left on the recommendation of the staff. The next day, the boy died of a severe infection caused by bacterial pneumonia. The boy’s parents have initiated a negligence lawsuit for medical malpractice against the hospital, saying their son should have been at least screened when they initially arrived.

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