Hearing Held For Newborn Baby Who Died After Irreversible Brain Damage In Hospital.

Summer Hawcroft was born nearly 3 months premature. She died 49 days later in a UK hospital. A hearing is currently attempting to understand what caused her death.

Doctor Ash Kale put a small tube down her trachea to help her breathe. But an independent expert believes that a slightly larger tube, which would open the airways more, should have been used.

Another issue is that Summer began over-ventilating during incubation. Both over-ventilation and under-ventilation can cause brain damage, and are often the result of incorrect settings on ventilators.

Summer’s health began to worsen after birth. After a week, the breathing tube was dislodged and she was no longer receiving enough oxygen.

Doctor Mudher Al-Adnani, a pathologist who testified at the hearing, said that Summer’s brain showed very severe damage throughout. Doctor Al-Adnani also testified that the hypoxic brain injury that killed Summer developed after the breathing tube became displaced.

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