Gynecologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital Caught Taping Patients with Camera.

Dr. Nikita Levy, a gynecologist at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland, was discovered to have taken photographs and videos of his female patients.  He apparently used a camera hidden inside a pen which he wore around his neck.

A female employee at the hospital, who worked with Levy, became suspicious about the pen. She later reported it to the hospital’s security staff, who eventually discovered that Levy had filmed his patients during their gynecological exams.

After a thorough investigation, authorities discovered multiple cameras in Levy’s office and also found hard drives and servers at Levy’s home with patients’ pictures on them.

Levy committed suicide shortly after police searched his home and discovered the damning evidence.

Over 2,000 of Levy’s former patients have contacted the police to determine if they were among Levy’s victims. Currently, there are two lawsuits against Johns Hopkins for failing to protect the safety of its patients in connection with Levy’s secret taping.

Continuing investigations into the situation are focusing on whether Levy sold any of the pictures or videos, and whether he received assistance from others in perpetrating his crimes.

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