Family Sues Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital for Medical Malpractice After Mother Dies From Seizures.

Each day, thousands of people seek some form of medical care. Whether it is a routine check-up, picking up prescription medication or an invasive surgical procedure, we entrust our health care professionals with our lives and the lives of the ones we love. Unfortunately, the practice of medicine is far from perfect. There are many imperfections in the process of discovery, diagnosis, treatment and recovery. Physicians and their medical staff can be held accountable for their wrongful actions, however, especially if their negligence harms their patient.

Kristy Stingley, a wife and mother of two children, was taken to Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital after she suffered a seizure in her home. Upon arrival at the hospital, Stingley received a CT scan, which showed blood in her brain. The doctors diagnosed Stingley with a sinus infection and told her that she suffered from a migrane brought on by work-related stress. She was given a prescription and discharged.

That same day, Stingley suffered a second seizure. She was rushed to a different hospital. During the ambulance ride, she experienced a third seizure and became brain dead. Stingley was removed from life support the following day.

According to the CBS DFW, Stingley’s husband, Jeff Stingley, has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital, an ER doctor and a neurologist. He alleges that his wife’s medical team misread the cat scan and should have never discharged her from the hospital that day. Jeff Stingley is seeking monetary damages in excess of $1,000,000. Les Weisbrod is representing the Stingley family.

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