Family Settles Wrongful Death Lawsuit For $3 Million After Doctor Fails To Promptly Diagnose Patient’s Bowel Disease.

We rely on our doctors for nearly every serious medical concern.  The average person is not qualified, nor do they have the necessary knowledge and training, to treat most health conditions; thus we often trust our doctors without question.  When a doctor makes a medical mistake, however, a person may get seriously injured as a result, and not know why, as it can sometimes take years for the mistake to take effect and then be discovered.

A thirty-seven-year-old Massachusetts man had a history of ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease.  Because of this, he frequently saw a gastroenterologist for two and a half years for treatment.  Then, suddenly, the man died of a fatal stroke.  His family became suspicious of possible malpractice because the man had been experiencing bloody stools, shortness of breath, fevers, weight loss, and night sweats for several months before his death.  Their suspicion resulted in a wrongful death lawsuit after there were allegedly several warning signs that may have prevented the man’s death if they had been acted upon promptly.

A colonoscopy six weeks before the man’s death reportedly showed that his disease had spread further into his colon.   Bloodwork allegedly also showed that his platelet count was elevated and rising, which put him at risk for a stroke.  The man’s family claimed that the gastroenterologist saw these reports and should have taken proactive measures to avoid a stroke.  The family’s attorneys, Lisa Arrowood and Elizabeth Kayatta, argued that the gastroenterologist was grossly negligent by failing to order follow-up appointments and to provide appropriate treatment in response to the man’s medical conditon.  The gastroenterologist and hospital agreed to pay the man’s family $3 million in personal injury damages in order to settle their wrongful death lawsuit.

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