Family of Massachusetts Woman Wins $1 Million Settlement After Her Tragic Death Due to a Perforated Bowel.

A 49 year-old Massachusetts woman died from a perforated bowel in 2009, six days after a surgeon conducted an ovarian cyst oophorectomy on the plaintiff.

The plaintiff had a history of bowel problems and surgeries. On the evening following what turned out to be the fatal surgery, she was rushed by ambulance to the hospital where her oophorectomy was performed. She then had severe abdominal pain. The plaintiff’s medical notes indicate that the question of bowel injury was raised the next morning.

Over the next few days, the plaintiff exhibited classic signs of a perforated bowel injury, including abdominal pain, tachycardia, discolored and hot right flank, and free air and fluid in the abdomen. The plaintiff, however, did not exhibit a fever or elevated with cell count.

The plaintiff thereafter suffered an extremely painful death due to sepsis and peritonitis with necrotizing fasciitis.

The plaintiff retained a medical expert prior to trial who was prepared to testify that the defendant surgeon failed to appreciate the classic signs of perforated bowel and failed to order a surgery to repair or resect the bowel.

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