Doctor Charged With Manslaughter for Liposuction Procedure On Heart Transplant Patient.

Dr. Oleg Davie, 51, was recently arraigned on charges of manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide after he performed a liposuction procedure on 51 year-old Isel Pineda, who underwent a heart transplant procedure in 2004.

Davie ignored Pineda’s medical intake form, that disclosed the heart transplant, and then falsified the form after the liposuction procedure that killed Pineda had been performed.

Pineda, whose heart transplant was performed on television by Dr. Mehmet Oz, went into cardiac arrest and collapsed in Davie’s office during the liposuction procedure.

Following the negligent surgery, Davie allegedly tried to cover up his mistake by falsifying the document and removing the part where Pineda disclosed her previous heart transplant.

The New York State Department of Health had previously fined Davie $100,000 for instances of past medical negligence and restricted the hack doctor to cosmetic medicine only back in 2011.

Davie faces up to 34 years in prison if he is convicted of the criminal charges. He was released on $175,000 bail this week.

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