Colorado Veterinarian Cited for Practicing Medicine Without License after Operating on Human Patient.

Francis Freemyer, who operates a small animal veterinary practice in Greely, Colorado, was cited on August 16, 2013, for the crime of “unauthorized practices” after Freemyer provided medical treatment to a human patient.

As a result of the unlicensed treatment, the unidentified female patient had to have three of her toes amputated. Police report that the investigation into the 78 year-old Colorado veterinarian, who has practiced veterinary medicine in Colorado since 1959, began when medical personnel at North Colorado Medical Center contacted police in June 2013 after a patient said that she had been treated by a veterinarian. According to medical officials at the medical center, the female patient’s condition required amputation of her toes, because she had received improper medical care at the hands of Freemyer. Police are investigating the possibility that he has treated other human patients as well.

In addition to the current incident, police are investigating Freemyer for other “unauthorized practices” as well. Disciplinary records show that Freemyer, has twice been admonished by Colorado regulators. In one instance, he was fined $1,500 for signing off on an inspection report that said he had examined and vaccinated 13 greyhounds when he had only examined 12 of the animals. In another, Freemyer was fined $250 for failing to keep records of the examination and treatment of a cat in violation of “generally accepted standards of veterinary practice.”

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