British Mother Recovers Significant Money Damages in Birth Injury Lawsuit Against Hospital.

Catherine Wilde was recently awarded over £1 million for the brain injuries that her infant son, Liam, suffered during his birth at the Burnley General Hospital in England in 1997.

Liam was born at the hospital in 1997 with his umbilical cord wrapped dangerously around his body. As a result of his allegedly negligent care, Liam was left with significant birth injuries, including acute cerebral palsy and learning impairments, in addition to limited mobility and communication skills. Liam, now 15, requires around the clock medical care for his personal injuries.

Catherine Wilde filed suit against the hospital, alleging that they were negligent in failing to schedule an earlier Caesarean Section delivery, which would have avoided the decreased oxygen to Liam and his resulting brain damage.

Wilde’s claim was resolved by a settlement package from the East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust, totaling over £1 million in damages. The settlement, which has been kept partially confidential, includes a lump sum payout as well as annual payments to cover Liam’s care for the rest of his life.

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