Boob Job Leaves Miami Teen Mother With Brain Damage.

The family of 18-year-old Linda Perez is filing a lawsuit against the doctors responsible for her breast augmentation surgery at the Coral Gables Cosmetic Center in Florida. According to the family, the botched surgery left their daughter in a coma for several months and has caused her to require 24-hour care.

Linda Perez, the mother of a 4-year-old son, underwent a “discounted” surgery to augment her breast size this past August. After suffering complications, Perez fell into a coma, only awaking in October. Doctors told Perez’s family that she had suffered severe brain damage and should be taken off life support upon waking from the coma, but they refused. Since November, Perez has been moved into her family’s home, requiring 24-hour care for tasks as simple as bathing, feeding and using the bathroom. She is unable to care for herself, never mind her young child.

According to the family, Perez wakes up and realizes what has happened to her, spiraling into a depression. She cannot speak or walk, but she does often cry.

According to the cosmetic center responsible for the surgery, Perez hid medical information that might have altered their procedures. The center says Perez had similar complications after her child birth, which if disclosed would have changed their methods or made it so they would have turned down the surgery.

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