Aspiring Young Writer Dies From Lack Of Treatment At A Hospital.

In 2007, Sabrina Seelig died after taking a drug called Ephedra, which had been banned by the federal Food and Drug Administration, and drinking a few beers.

Sabrina called 911 and the Poison Control Center, but an ambulance only arrived hours later. After Sabrina was delivered to the Wyckoff Heights Medical Center emergency room, she was given two anti-nausea drugs and two doses of a strong sedative intravenously. After receiving this treatment, Sabrina was left unattended for over three hours.

Sabrina was later found in an overflow area of the emergency room with a fast heartbeat and foaming at the mouth.

By that evening, Sabrina was diagnosed with brain damage and was placed on life support. She died a few days later.

Sabrina’s family sued the emergency room doctors and the hospital. At the May 2012 trial, a jury found that the doctors and the hospital were not negligent in treating Sabrina.

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