Arkansas Jury Awards Patient $725,000 After Botched Surgery.

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Mr. Walter Paul Hoover injured his back in 2009. During a surgery to fix his back problem, surgeons Jeffery Oppenheimer, M.D. and Dennis McDonnell, M.D., both of the Department of Veteran Affairs Hospital, misplaced screws in Mr. Hoover’s spinal canal. After the botched surgery, Mr. Hoover later developed paralysis, mostly on the left side of his body. It left him with no feeling in his quadriceps, in addition to numbness and increased pain.

A second surgery corrected the screw placement, but the existing injuries did not reverse themselves.

Mr. Hoover filed a lawsuit after he experienced complete paralysis of his quadriceps. He now is only able to get around in a wheelchair and complains of constant pain.

Mr. Hoover and his wife filed a claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs for $5 million. That claim was denied.

Mr. Hoover filed a lawsuit in federal court. There, Judge Moody found that Dr. Oppenheimer placed the screw into the patient in a location that damaged his L-3 nerve root. The misplacement of the screw, Mr. Hoover alleged, was negligence.

The Court found that the surgeons were negligent, and awarded Mr. Hoover $750,000. The jury also awarded Mr. Hoover’s wife $25,000 for loss of consortium.

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