40 United States Armed Forces Veterans Die While Waiting To Receive Care At Veteran’s Administration Hospital.

According to sources inside the Phoenix, Arizona Veteran’s Administration, some 40 veterans of the United States Armed Forces have died over the last few months while waiting for treatment at the Phoenix, Arizona Veteran’s Administration Medical Center.

This past Thursday, May 1, 2014, U.S. Secretary of Veterans’ Affairs, Eric Shinseki, placed Phoenix VA director Sharon Helman, her chief of staff Dr. Darren Deering, and one other individual on administrative leave. The move comes amidst an explosive scandal arising out of allegations that Helman and her assistants created a secret waiting list on which  veterans with certain medical conditions were placed, and that as many as 40 veterans have died after being placed on this secret waiting list.

Helman has refused to provide substantive responses to the allegations that she denied medical care to veterans that sorely needed it. The federal government has charged the Inspector General to conduct an independent and fair investigation of the allegations against Helman and her associates. Even President Obama has issued a statement condemning the actions of the Phoenix VA leadership.

Helman is denying the allegations, and stated that she is looking forward to the investigation by the Inspector General.

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